The dust collector you would use if you were a dust collection expert.

BEST IN CLASS SAFETY: Gold Series dust collectors have several proprietary features that set them apart from the competition with regard to explosion protection and life safety. We have tested our units to help insure reliable performance in the event of an explosion, and recognize the importance of NFPA standards.


MODULAR DESIGN: Our units are built in customizable modules capable of up to 6000 CFM each, which allows for a footprint to meet any specification without compromising dust collector performance. 

BUILT LIKE A SAFE: The Gold Series dust collectors are constructed with heavy-duty 7 & 10 gauge steel and powder coated to ensure longevity and reliability for decades of industrial-style use. 

LEADING EDGE FILTER TECHNOLOGY: Camfil is constantly pushing the envelope in filter technology to make long lasting and durable filters that capture the finest particulate. We have several options for media material based on dust type, and even offer retrofit filters for the dust collector you already have. 


LOW MAINTENANCE: Our unit is one of the easiest on the market to maintain, with easy double latch doors and drop down vertical cartridges. We pride ourselves in providing a machine that the maintenance guy can appreciate just as well as the engineers.  


" I have been working with WMS for 5 years now and their organization has become one of Camfil's best rep firms. They have also challenged themselves to become experts in the NFPA regulations that we all have to deal with this day and time in our industry "

Phil Ramsey, Camfil APC