We are dedicated to serving the Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho territories with quality Camfil factory representation. We welcome you to browse some of our past work and look forward to the dust challenges you have to offer.


Please reach out if you would like to speak with our past customers for reference, we are confident in their testimony. 


High Volume Wood Chips
Wood/Weld Application
Wood Shop
Wood Shop Exhaust
Small Wood Shop
Wood/Weld Application
Wood/Weld Application
Wood Shop
Wood/Weld Application


Granite Dust
Metal Dust Application
Ambient Coke Dust
Rock Crushing Dust
Welding Fumes
Weld Shop
Weld Shop


Heat Pumps
Mini-Split Indoor Head
Retrofit Rooftop Unit
Industrial Tube Heat

" I have been working with WMS for 5 years now and their organization has become one of Camfil's best rep firms. They have also challenged themselves to become experts in the NFPA regulations that we all have to deal with this day and time in our industry "

Phil Ramsey, Camfil APC